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Hebrew translation is always an issue for the English-speaking Jew. There have been many methods used to help us appreciate the ancient prayers, and here presented is yet another. This method is unique because it attempts to give the reader a basic understanding of the Hebrew language at the same time that the prayers are spoken and understood.

Kakatuv: Hebrew script with English translation /transliterationWith these pages, you can speak Hebrew without knowing how to read Hebrew, and understand what you are saying. Speaking from experience, there is nothing like saying the prayers in Hebrew and understanding every word as you say it. I hope so much that it works for you.

Please note: Since the Hebrew characters with "nikud" (punctuation) and the necessary formatting cannot be presented in ordinary Web pages, many of this site's pages are available only in PDF format.

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Illustrated panel on left from decorated page in the Pesaro Siddur. Pesaro, 1480. Letchworth, Sassoon Collection, ms. 23, page 759